Black Ops:First Official Event.

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Black Ops:First Official Event.

Post by Guest on Tue Jun 30, 2015 6:06 pm

Ladies And Gentlemen Boys and Girls of all ages ,

The most awaited event of Black Ops is now going to be a reality and coming soon.The event is the "Black Ops Rare Awards".
These Awards will be there every year starting from this year to increase the quality of professionalism and hard work in Black Ops.The only ideology behind this awards is that each and every single one you should have the thirst to earn it as the winner's of these Awards shall be given absolute respect and prizes.

There shall be many categories in this Awards Ceremony.A jury would be made that will select the people who shall be nominated for each award.This jury is selected so that the nomination shall be done in a free and fair manner.The jury that will select the nominations most probably will be a 6 member panel comprising of the Directors of [B.O].In each and every Award category there will be a maximum of 6 Nominations only out of which 5 shall be selected by the jury and the 1 will be selected by our Founding Director's i.e IOnlyOwnRares and Goth199945.

The Procedure of the Award Ceremony.

On the forums or the website of the Black Ops, the Events Team of Black Ops shall create an page on which there will be names of each Award category and their nominations.So the people who vote need to fill the name of the person who they want to vote in a empty box present below.Like this they shall do it to all the categories and then they need to click the submit or send button present on the end of the screen.

These voting shall be opened for 2 days only.[Dates shall be announced soon.]

After the voting is complete on one of the weekends we will have an Event that shall be hosted by the ET of Black Ops where all the results shall be announced and the prizes would be given out.

Dates or not fixed yet but the idea is.

By the end of this week we will put on the Categories that will be present in the voting and all the dates too.

Soo please be on and become the First Black Ops Rare Award winner because the First is always the First.Very Happy tongue

For any details or queries contact: Masmantis [Director of Events Team]

ET of Black Ops!


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