Big Changes To Black Ops

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Big Changes To Black Ops

Post by IOnlyOwnRares on Thu Jun 18, 2015 8:05 am

Hey Everyone

If you haven't heard already some big changes have come to Black Ops, To start with SyaziDan is now the IC of Internal Affairs, he will be tasked with hiring a 2ic of IA making, changing or removing policies to do with IA, he can make a IA training script if he wishes the possibilities are endless so congratulations to Dan.

Over the last recent weeks we have noticed a decline in activeness from IC workers whether it be in base or just coming online in general, to combat these issues i have tasked Waffle129 with keeping track of the inactive and lazy IC, making sure they have Task's and are completing them on schedule. Black Ops is here to move forward and thrive.

Recently i have made some changes to the 3ic Elite Management Rank unit we are no longer Calling the Ranks "Overseer of ....." we have decided to change them to "Manager of ........." or "..... Manager".
In Addition i have Made Liahkim the IC of Elite Management he will have more updates coming very soon about the Elite Management Division

Thanks Stay Tuned for more updates


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