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Post by vRamzki on Tue Jun 16, 2015 3:47 pm

*Black Organization*

Its something on my mind that can be or not and this Black Organization is like for "Spying".
So when our allie has a problem that can effect our agency so we need to spy just like watching the agency not going to inbase tho.
just to be in good. i have something in my mind that i can't say xD cuz poor in english lowl.
anyway its just spying that like you can talk to others not like your just like silent lowl just watching the spying i called is observing the agency so the one who assign to spy the ally or other agency will report back to the Director of Black Organization just like that.

Wear: Professional Black Uniform

it might be can or not its okay ^^ i understand so i hope you understand my english xD
*note: just requesting*


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