Activeness of iC

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Activeness of iC

Post by Waffle129 on Thu Jun 18, 2015 7:33 am

As Black Ops, continues to grow we need to ensure our iCs are active in base!
From now on, every week all current 3iC + members will be looked through in order to ensure our iC members are active. This will ensure all members of 3iC+ are continuously contributing to the growth of our agency.

Any inactive iC members will be demoted to Office of Operations.

You are consider inactive if you:

  • Have not logged in on Habbo for 2 weeks or more.

  • Have an active Habbo Account but fail to be active in base.

If you know you will be away for more than 1 week for any reason. Please notify Waffle129 and leave a post on the LOA page on our forum. Thank you Smile

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