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Points system

Post by Loading.. on Mon Aug 10, 2015 7:32 pm

The point system will greatly improve the amount of active workers. With active workers comes a higher population and that will draw in new recruits and transfers. I know it had it's problems in the past, but address me with those problems and i KNOW they can be worked out. The agency has been on the decline that past two weeks.... With this new pay system where everybody gets 5c on Sunday is absolute trash, sorry it is. The people who work hard will be unappreciated and the slackers will be praised. With that system people will never be there on the weekdays and just show up on Sunday get pay and leave. With the point system you HAVE to be working to get the points required for pay/promotion. It will also make it so workers do not get looked over when working nights/days when no high rank is present.

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